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Study on Detection of Adulteration Components in Packed Milk

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Milk is a basic source of human diets, which contain essential materials such as carbohydrates, protein, lipids, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. In order to keep milk temporarily fresh, some unethical activities are usually adapted to prevent the financial losses due to the spoilage of milk during its transportation and sale. The aim of study is to identifying the adulterants presents in the samples and compare them with the standard products. The method used for the detection of neutralizers in milk is rosalic acid and for
the detection of formalin there was used Hehner’s Test in this study. The study had done on seven type of packed milk (MILK PACK NESTLE, MILK PACK PLUS, QUDRAT, TARANG, TAZA, EVERY DAY and KHATIZ). Finally the result showed, neutralizer which are using for the neutralizing of acidity in milk were negative in mentioned samples, but formalin which is used for the extending of milk shelf life was positive in MILK PACK NESTLE and TAZA PACKED MILK samples. From total 42 samples, we detected adulteration of formalin in 12 (28-30%) samples. We are advising to Society for the rejections of MILK PACK NESTLE and TAZA PACKED MILK as use, and related administrations’ must control the above packed milk imports. 

Об авторах

Sayed Mohammad Weqar
Nangarhar University

Damier I. Udaliev
Moscow State University of Food Production

Abdul Wajid Ismaelzai
Nangarhar University

Malyar Rahmani
Nangarhar University

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Weqar S., Udaliev D.I., Ismaelzai A., Rahmani M. Study on Detection of Adulteration Components in Packed Milk. Health, Food & Biotechnology. 2021;3(1):30-34.

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Weqar S., Udaliev D.I., Ismaelzai A., Rahmani M. Study on Detection of Adulteration Components in Packed Milk. Health, Food & Biotechnology. 2021;3(1):30-34.

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